Health and Fitness Coaching Packages

Holobody Health Coaching


Discover your body journey. Become best friends with it. Stop forcing your body to become something it doesn’t want to become. Listen to your body, communicate with your body, and collaborate with it to allow it to become what it truly wants to become. Transform your health by building supportive habits and shifting your identity.

Holobody uses a holistic approach to your body. You are whole. The many parts of you and the many aspects of your life need to work together to succeed. For example, if you have relationship troubles, this could translate into restless sleep and stress, which, in turn, contribute to non-supportive eating habits and weight gain. To transform your body, we need to look at all aspects of life and how they impact you.

In Holobody coaching sessions, we focus on the following:

  • optimal nutrition for your goals
  • blood sugar control
  • building habits with zero resistance
  • nourishing sleep
  • stress management
  • fitness baseline
  • mindset
  • …whatever else comes up!

Personalised Body Journey

The coaching session topics depend on your specific needs. No set program. We’ll set the goals and review them together from time to time.

Bi-weekly sessions (2x per month):

129 EUR per month

Weekly sessions (4x per month):

220 EUR per month

Phoenix Program

Comprehensive health transformation program that allows you to rise like a phoenix! Includes coaching, workbook exercises, personalised recorded audio (guidance, meditations).

In each session, I introduce a new health-related topic (you might also need to watch a video before we meet), review your progress (workbook and other exercises), and coach (whatever comes up!).

 Bi-weekly sessions (2x per month):
179 EUR per month

Weekly sessions (4x per month):
289 EUR per month

10X Fitness Coaching


10X fitness coaching is a program that provides you with the minimum effective dose of exercise. The workouts are around 10-15 minutes long and you only have to do them twice a week in the minimum program. However, this also means that you have to take your body to failure and push really hard every time.

Minimum program includes the Alpha routine that works on the major muscle groups and improves your overall strength. If you wish to further tone your body, we can add supplementary Beta-1, Beta-2 as well as Gamma-1 and Gamma-2 routines into the mix.

10X routines have both home and gym versions. If you choose the home version, you might also need to buy some equipment (rubber bands, dumbbells, pull up bar, etc.).

During the coaching sessions, we discuss your progress as well as any struggles you might have. It’s not just a fitness routine, in which you follow a plan. We’ll also work on your mindset. If necessary, we’ll set your macros and go in-depth with nutrition topics.

In addition to 1-hour coaching sessions, I’ll analyse your performance. For this, you need to provide me with data from your workouts (repetitions, weights, time, etc.). Once a month, I ask you to record your workout session to provide feedback on the form. You’ll receive a video analysis. If necessary, we can then make the required adjustments to the exercises. This helps you to improve your technique to prevent injuries and achieve maximum results.

For the video analysis, I’ll watch your workout video and record my feedback on top of it. This way, you’ll know exactly which exercise/movement I am talking about.

If possible, please do a Dexa scan before we start working together, so we can track your body composition (lean mass, fat mass) changes in the most precise way. With the data from a Dexa scan, we can set very fine-tuned goals for you.

Supercharged catch-up session for the busiest people

1 coaching session per month in which we go through your progress as fast as possible. In addition, a thorough analysis (based on your spreadsheet data from workouts) and summary will be sent to your email.

1-hour of 1:1 coaching + analysis time

150 EUR per month

Bi-weekly sessions (2x per month):

Includes 2x 1-hour coaching sessions and 1x video analysis

179 EUR per month

Weekly sessions (4x per month):

Includes 4x 1-hour coaching sessions and 1x video analysis

299 EUR per month

Extra video analysis

If you want me to analyse your exercise videos more than once per month, you can purchase an extra analysis.

39 EUR

3-day menu analysis

We talk about your nutrition and your eating habits during the coaching session. However, if you want a more detailed analysis, I’ll ask you to track your food for 3 days and will then provide a thorough analysis.

79 EUR


Potential additional costs:

Dexa scan (price varies, depending on your location), VO2max test, home equipment, gym membership, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor.